best sports bras for dd

The Best Sports Bras for DD Reviews in 2018

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The best sports bras for DD are some are some of the most challenging garment to get right.

Either the cap is too tiny; your golden girls keep threatening to pop out.

Or you just can’t seem to get the strap right; it keeps threatening to tear into your flesh.

Or you simply can’t breathe. The underwire keeps squeezing your rib cage.

Not forgetting the weird marks left on your skin once you unstrap your bra.

See what I mean?

With DD, you can’t afford to exercise without support. Unless you want to trigger unforgiving breast health complications. But that’s the price we pay for looking juicy. So hey, enough of the blah blah blah… Let’s now get into serious business.

Top 3 Best Sports Bras for DD Reviewed


Glamorise sportswear manufacturers have excursively concentrated in manufacturing exquisite moving comfort sports bras for full figure women. The garments are comfortable with painstaking fitting and refitting. They come with a state of the art technology enhanced by computer design.

They have different patterns and sizes to cater for every size. Each model is specially designed for each size rather than single multipurpose clothing for all.

·         The Magic Lift Line

The outstanding product in the 85-year history of company manufacturing is magic lift line. Maybe you’ve heard about this product. It offers excellent support and does away with shoulder strain by using crossover bands without any wire. The bra provides full coverage and gives optimal comfort in all circumstances.

·         Sport Soft Cup Superior Bra

Our second favorite Glamorise bra is sport soft cup superior bra. This bra comes with seamless magic lift design without the uncomfortable wires. The bra offers excellent support and body breathing ability. In addition, the bra has an open mesh design that provides superior comfort, while crossover bands give uplift, separation as well as support.

·         The Complete Comfort

Number 3 in the list is the complete comfort bra. This bra has sleek features and satin fabric with a seamless feel and look. The garment has tough cups, which provides an all-weather comfort. And the front closure makes it easy for you to wear and remove. This bra also comes with complete comfort strapless design for a strapless solution for that category enthusiast.

All the above Glamorise products have a model that allows perfect fitting and each type caters for specific women needs as well as figure.

Under Armour®

For this brand, the Eclipse High Zip Heather Bra is our top pick.

A stylish and supportive bra comes with extra soft studio lux fabric that provides superior and soft support as well as comfort. The structure design avails cooling effect and breathability. Consequently, you experience excellent comfort.

Using the under amour sweat management technology. The bra wicks away all the moisture leaving you dry and light. It fits well next to the skin without the usual squeezing discomfort. Without a doubt, this is one of the best sports bras for DD.

The mesh lining also helps in heat exchange thereby keeping you cool. The front bandeau together with the padding gives additional coverage and extra strength. You can comfortably customize your fit through its adjustable straps with the support of the open back.

Overall, this bra is designed to deliver strategic support in high impact sports such as running field sports and court sports.


Sylokan is a household name in bra manufacturing that produces high impact plus size sports bras. Their sports bras come with extra features to provide maximum support for high impact sporting exercises. They employ a high structure design with advanced moisture wicking technology and pique fabric that helps to keep you fresh, dry, and comfortable.

Most of their bras have double support for the two-part caps, and a lateral side supports system that prevents movement and bouncing. The bras firm and stretch fabric, and the perfectly seamed cups give the bust the required strength for support. On the other hand, the back panels provide ventilation, which enhances airflow, and moisture evaporation from the body surface.

Finally, these bras have a wide strap. The strap combined with racer-back design gives you well-distributed support. This design also prevents the strap from digging on your shoulder even for those with heavy breasts.


best sports bras for DD

When Choosing the Best Sports Bras For DD

The first aspect you need to consider when choosing the right moving comfort sports bras is the size of your cap, followed by the amount of compression you will get from the bra. A low impact bra is suitable for low active sports like walking and yoga. High-level sports activities such as playing trampoline tag, high jump, running or high impact field events need a high impact bra.

For the maximum support, you need to look for features such as double layers, underwire, compression material, molded caps, and thick bands as well as the bra design.

You can quickly get your best sports bras for DD with features that are suitable for your exercise online. However, confirm your size with a sports bras size chart such as the Nike sport bras size chart. Modern, trendy designs have a front zipper, Velcro, adjustable straps, and such flexible features. They come in DD cups and above for the perfect support as well as comfort when performing your favorite exercise.

In Conclusion

When choosing moving comfort sports bras, ensure the garment minimizes your breast movement. The bra should have the moisture wicking ability and allow air movement to enhance cooling. The bra should also have minimal chafing and perfect strap to prevent digging into your shoulders. Finally, the band on the lower chest needs to have appropriate tightness. And the fabric should be soft enough to avoid skin irritation.







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