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10 Lessons Bloggers Can Draw From Seth Godin

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Seth Godin is an icon for bloggers. It is always advisable to learn from the best. Those who have made it in your field. Their tips with regards to their success are often invaluable. These tips enable you to avoid mistakes. You also get ideal skills that you could hone to ensure you succeed. Today, let’s get into the world of one of the best bloggers of this age – Seth Godin.

Seth is a blogger, profuse writer, and an incredible entrepreneur. So, how has he managed to remain relevant all this while? What has enhanced his writing prowess? How has he managed to keep us glued to his blog site?

One thing for sure is that Seth Godin has a working system of practices as well as a philosophy. These keep him on top of his game. Well, here are the top ten lessons we as bloggers can draw from him.

Write As You Would Talk

Often as writers and bloggers, our writing is based on waiting for the muse to strike. Somehow, we expect something to inspire us into writing. That is in vast contrast to our talking-we say what is on our minds.

One of Seth’s principles is to write as you would talk. That way, you don’t have to wait for some external influence.
Writing as you would speak makes writing less daunting. As long as you can keep coming up with thoughts you can share, then blogging becomes easy. That’s is Seth Godin’s mantra.

Be Observant

A lot happens around us every day. It is easy to be pre-occupied with the larger picture and not focus on the nitty-gritty. Develop a habit of observing things and occurrences and learning as much as you can about them. It is usually one of the best ways to come up with content for your blog sites.

Noticing things expands your ideas. If you see something and don’t understand it, try to figure it out. If you can’t figure it out there and then, note it down and come back to it later. This principle explains why Seth keeps coming up with brilliant content daily.

Blog For The Love Of It – Not The Money

Of course, we all want to make money using our blogs. However, if that is your primary reason for blogging, then you’re doing it all wrong. Pursue the creation of incredible blog posts. Once you do that, and you are consistent with it, the money will come.

People will always be willing to part with money for quality work. So, sort out the issue of quality and the money will come. Seth Godin champions blogging for the love of it and not the money.

According to him, in this age, you can hardly create a digital product that will warrant a price tag due to the abundance of ideas. As such, instead of focusing on the business of scarcity to make money, embrace ubiquity – be everywhere.


If you’re keen on being relevant, then consistency is vital. It applies to the quality of your work, as well as its frequency – how often you post. Seth posts a blog daily and every post warrants a read – they are always epic.

It is only by doing this that you can acquire a following who read your work. The blog site of a blogger who blogs daily is dynamic. There is always something to read. The fact is, your readers get used to your way of writing and relate to it. So, if your blogs are inconsistent, then inevitably, so will your readers.

Research And Read Extensively

A lot of preparation goes into making one a pro-athlete. Similarly, a lot of training goes into the making of a soldier. If you’re keen on being a good blogger; then you have to learn and learn daily. Seth took a deliberate effort to dedicate as many as 16 hours a day each day to learning and honing his skills.

Am sure you can’t argue with the outcome – he is an exceptional blogger. It’s only through reading that you can develop the ability to make your pieces useful. Pay keen attention to the choice of words, the structure of sentences, and the flow of the content.

‘Practice makes perfect’ sounds like a cliché, but the fact is, it is the truth. It is only through constant practice and reading that you can become a good blogger.

Train Yourself To Communicate

The key ingredient to an excellent blog post is its ability to deliver a message. You have no business writing blogs if you can’t convey your message. Train yourself to communicate, speak in complete sentences and speak coherently.

Blogging is a community, and a vital aspect of it is communication. You’re merely relaying information to the public. Make your writing style one of your communication tools. You can do this by using an active voice, writing in the first person, making use of anecdotes, etc.

Embrace The ‘Doesn’t Count Until You Ship It’ Policy

Ideas in your head are just ideas, just like a product that you haven’t shipped to a customer doesn’t help your profit margins. The thinking, the planning, the refining, it all doesn’t count unless you write. So, people can only get to know what you think if you write it.

As Seth puts it, you don’t call a plumber and start praising them for the many toilets they have unplugged. It is the now that you are interested in – unclog mine.
So, think, plan, refine and most importantly, write and post the blog.

Time Management

It is always easy to say ‘I am busy, I don’t have time for this and that.’ Well, if you’re to be successful at blogging whether on a Google blog, free blog, etc. time management is critical.

Taking it from the proficient blogger himself – Seth Godin. He doesn’t do meetings, he doesn’t watch TV, and that according to him, saves him as many as 10 hours a day. That is the time he focuses on improving his skills, writing books and coming up with those incredible blog posts.

So, the bottom line is that we all have and don’t have time. Yes, that’s the fact. No one has time, and no one doesn’t have time. It is all dependent on priorities.

If you’re to make your blog exceptional, then you have to invest time in creating that. Narrowing down to areas you’re passionate about. It is always easy to write about topics that excite you. You don’t struggle to get the content.

As Seth states, ‘you have to determine that which motivates you to get out of bed every day.’ That is only possible if it is something you like. A narrow specialization in an area you like allows for repeated practice, which inevitably makes you better.

Even when the going gets tough, if it’s something that you enjoy, you’re likely to remain rooted. If you want to be the best travel blogger, then focus on creating travel blogs, etc.

Embrace Your Creativity

The fact about us humans is that we are all unique. Our thinking, our beliefs, our personalities, are unique from one person to the other. Indeed, our writing is also different.
You can’t be the best at something by emulating somebody else. By imitating, you can only be as good as the person you’re imitating. The same applies to writing.

Embrace your qualities and apply them to your advantage. Seth Godin is impeccable at blogging as a result of doing it his way. So, borrow a leaf or two from others but always and I mean always, create your blogs in your unique way.


As with anything good, planning has to go into it. For your blog, strategize and take deliberate efforts to devise tactics that will make it excellent.

Seth Godin has got to the point he is now, due to strategies and tactics that he has put in place to achieve excellence.
It doesn’t happen by itself, take the initiative, embrace your uniqueness, and endeavor to improve yourself.

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